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Company Highlight: 3D Concepts Moto

Written by Samantha Costilla

Hard enduro holds a special place in my heart and protecting my bike without sacrificing mobility is a big priority for me. Paul and Andrew at 3D Concepts Moto reached out to me to do some testing for them. They gave me the opportunity to pick gear that was most topical for my 2023 GasGas EC300 and the gear that intrigued me the most. These Northwest riders have a little bit of everything for the off-road community with an assortment of guards, mounts and tools. For my style of riding, these were the items that caught my eye:

Linkage guard ($42.25- $42.85)

Handlebar Storage ($35.98-$38.98)

WP Fork guards ($36.69)

Brake Master Cylinder guard ($23.51)

As of this review, 3DC Moto doesn't make a Linkage or Brake Master Cylinder guard that's compatible for my bike... yet! The Idaho based company is still growing their inventory but stay active updating their instagram @3dcmoto with new product alerts.

The Handlebar Storage, WP Fork guards and USB Mount are the 3DC Moto goods I've been putting through the paces for the last 2 weeks. Most of that time was spent ripping all over Mt. Vernon, Washington in addition to our backyard enduro track. Here are my thoughts on these 3D printed products, I'll start with the item I liked the most and spoiler... I didn't pick this one originally.

The USB Mount was an extra, unreleased item that 3DC Moto asked me to test out. Now on the website, the mount is shown cozied up to the Master Cylinder on the handlebar. After adding the Handlebar Storage to my bike, I didn't want my bar to feel cluttered by accruing more items. Zach noticed the gummy-like mount base and suggested that I try riding with the USB on my upper left fork. I was skeptical that it would stay in place but was pleasantly surprised when it did. Even after battling rock gardens and deep snow, it wouldn't budge. If you're looking for a light-weight, secure and durable alternative to carrying a battery charger in your pack for your phone or GPS then I'm confident in saying this is the best one on the market that I've come across. It's listed on their website for ($38.97- $39.97) depending on the mount style you choose. Out of the 2 options available, I strongly suggest purchasing the vibration dampening mount design.

I've never experienced a solid Handlebar Storage before 3DC Moto and now, I don't see myself going back to cloth storage bags anytime soon. I tried out a couple of different ways to organize this item but front and center on my bar (that blocked my speedometer/hour meter) worked best for my flat bend Pro Tapers. I did share with Paul and Andrew that I wanted more of a tapered base on the storage to allow for additional placement options on my bike. They were quick to dream up a new design for me that fit multiple spots on my pro taper bend within a couple of hours. Next, was testing the closing latch and that was easily the most fun for me. I filled my new storage companion with scrap metal and rocks then hit the 4x4 sections. For the most part, the latch wouldn't budge! However, it did open up once after a rough handlebar slam. If the latch was carved in slightly deeper then I'm positive it would've held. For now, I'm keeping scrap metal at my shop and rocks on the trails. This case has securely held my zip ties, energy gels and JB Weld. Another feature I've grown to appreciate is how quickly I can access my personal items. I didn't bother taking my glove off... to struggle with a zipper... to then search in a bag for something I needed. This Handlebar Storage is easy to open, low maintenance to clean (held up to our pressure washer) and perfect for quick items you need in between trails.

Let's talk about these Fork guards. Currently, I'm using a front disc brake guard from another company that covers my bottom left fork. I wanted my front brake disc to remain protected while testing so I ended up using the 3DC Moto Fork guard on my right fork only. I'm already a huge fan of plastic guards! They slide on obstacles better than aluminum, they're lighter and usually more cost effective. This fork guard took some decent hits against rocks and stumps but held up with only a couple of scratches at the end of day one. The following day I wasn't as lucky. The bottom of the guard has a more aggressive edge on the side and as I was pulling my bike up from a tumble, it caught on a rock and broke off the guard. It is worth mentioning that my fork is still in good shape, so technically the guard did it's intended job. I reached out to the 3DC Moto team, gave them my thoughts and shipped the fallen guard back to them to analyze. I've been told a couple of design changes have been made and testing will be begin shortly. Again 3DC Moto has impressed me with their communication and commitment to design a product that supports enduro bikes.

There is absolutely a place for 3D printed parts both now and in the future of enduro. In my short time working with 3D Concepts Moto, I'm positive they'll be a significant part of that future. Check them out on instagram @3dcmoto and their website Reach out to them with any questions about parts or if you see something not available for your bike, let them know. 3DC Moto is a family-owned company passionate about riding and providing riders with high quality parts. I can't wait to see what's next for them and I hope I get to test it!

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