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Simple Sevice

Forks: $160
Shock: $160
Both: $300

Add-on Options
  -Forks: 120
  -Shock: 120

  • All Fluids Replaced

  • Oil and Dust Seals visually inspected

  • Any bushings visually inspected

  • Fork/Shock thoroughly cleaned

This is an excellent mid season service, recommended every 30 engine hours for the average trail rider. This is when suspension fluid really breaks down and starts to change the feel of your suspension.


If seals or bushings are found to be damaged, you will be contacted with a quote to replace/repair.

Full Rebuild

Forks: $260
Shock: $220

Add-on Options

  -Forks: $120
  -Shock: $120

SKF Shock Seal Head Upgrade: $60

SKF Aer Glide Kit: $220

  • All Fluids Replaced

  • Oil and Dust Seals replaced (SKF Dual Compound)

  • Fork Bushings Replaced (OEM)

  • Shock Seals, Bushings, O-rings Replaced

  • If available for your shock, piston wear band replaced with low friction bushing

Recommended at the beginning of the riding season, or if you're a year round rider every other service (60hrs). This will ensure that your riding season goes smoothly without any unexpected leaks or failures! Also recommended before any large moto vacations (Gold Creek Lodge anyone?)


Forks: $300
Shock: $300
WP Xplor Forks: $420 (Open Cartridge Conversion)

Add-On Options:
-SKF Seals (Forks): $80
-Shock Seals: $40


  • Suspension revalved to your riding style and skill level

  • All Fluids Replaced

  • Oil and Dust Seals Inspected

  • Any bushings replaced

  • If available for your shock, piston wear band replaced with low friction bushing

  • Free stack tweak if first revalve doesn't achieve what you're looking for

Revalved suspension is recommended for anyone riding a dirtbike. The correct suspension settings for your riding style and skill will greatly increase your confidence on the trails. After a rider interview via email or phone conversation, the internals of your suspension will be altered and tuned to perform specifically for your skill, riding style, and terrain. 

WP 6500 Cartridge

-2017-2023 Xplor Forks: $1499
    If different spring rate is needed, then spring will be provided for $100

-2021-2024 AER Forks: $1599
    Includes springs to complete the conversion

-2016-2020 AER Forks: $1999
    Includes 2021-Up fork lugs to allow the cartridge to fit in your forks, also includes springs to complete conversion

-Any Other 48mm Fork: $2200
    4CS, OC, CC WP forks can be fitted with the 6500, but will require fork lug replacement, springs, and in most cases lowering to match the geometry of the original forks

*Please note on 6500 install, the total is due up front due to high hardware cost

  • WP Pro Components 6500 Cartridge Installed

  • Finger Compression Adjuster Upgrade included in cost

  • For AER conversions springs are included in cost

  • Cartridge revalved and tuned for your riding ability and terrain.

  • Can work extremely well in multiple terrain types, Alte Enduro's top of the line fork offering

Elevate your riding to the next level with the WP 6500 cartridge kit. This piece of equipment is astoundingly well put together, and you will feel it immediately on the trail. The closed Cartridge Technology allows for a pressurized dampening system, this translates to reliable and predictable dampening characteristics throughout your entire ride. Your confidence will soar, and the progression in skill will follow soon after.

Suspension Add-ons

-SKF Shock Seal Head: $60
    The SKF seal head improved the sealing surface and durability of your shock, while also reducing stiction on the shock shaft. A nice upgrade while getting your shock serviced.

-Innteck AER Glide Kit: $220
    Love the adjustability of the AER fork but hate how it ramps up over the ride? The Glide Kit helps drastically reduce the friction in the air chamber, generating much less heat and causing less change in your fork PSI over the course of your ride. This is an essential upgrade on the 16-20 AER forks, and a nice upgrade on the 21-23 AER forks.

-MX-Tech "Tank" Shock Reservoir: $200
    Increase small bump compliance in your WP shock, and decrease the heat generated throughout your ride. Large benefits to be had for "All-Day" riders and those with PDS shocks

-X-TRIG Preload Adjuster: $200
    Easy sag adjustment for those of you who have days with large packs and days with small packs, easy on the trail adjustment if your shock is feeling a little off as well.

-DLC Fork Tubes: $800 Pair
    Direct from WP in Austria, DLC coated tubes not only look sick, they greatly reduce stiction within the fork legs, allowing for much smoother fork action.

-K-Tech Spring Conversion: $600
    Completely replaces the Air Chamber on any model year of the AER fork with a spring system. Rid yourself of air ramp up and harshness!


  • Please note that ALL add-ons require a "simple service" or greater to have them installed.


Woodinville, Washington


Hard Parts and Tools:


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